Photos and Slides

Archive your family’s fondest moments conveniently on DVD.

Now your collection is easily accessible and can be viewed and shared on multiple devices including TV, CD/DVD, laptops, USB drives, IPods/IPhones, websites, digital frames and more!

  • Fast and convenient
  • Risk Free
  • Professional
  • Affordable

Blu-Ridge DVD will provide you with high-quality digital scans from your collection of old photos and albums. Go ahead, dust off favorite pictures out of the shoe box and out of the closet! We can digitize 1000 photos in less than three hours and at a very affordable price. Your most cherished old photos will be scanned and digitized and protected and ready to be shared with family and friends. Call for a free evaluation and quote.

Your aging photos and slides are vulnerable to deterioration and unforeseen accidents. Our professional scanning service will provide the highest quality digital files that will last for generations. Our discs utilize the latest technology for long-lasting durability. For your peace of mind, we will also provide a second or master disc that can be stored off site as well as online storage that backs up your entire collection in the event that your home is damaged by fire, flood, etc.